The best time to post on Instagram in 2021

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In the world of social media, you’re continuously playing a game of cat and mouse in trying to capture your audience’s attention. For tremendous success, going viral is the unicorn of targets. However, for most businesses, the simpler goal is to have their posts seen by as many people as possible with the hope of generating sales from even just 1% of the base.

To increase your chances of sales and the number of people seeing your ads, an area to focus on is at what time you should post any creative assets on your Instagram feed. Remember, there are general times that work, but it is more powerful to determine what is best for your account/business.

Setting up an Instagram Business Account

Make sure your instagram account is set up as a Professional Account with an account type of Business. This is crucical as it unlocks realtime metrics on your posts and stories, but most importantly – you gain access to insights about your audience.

Accessing Audience Insights

The audience insights will help identify the specifics of your followers to help work out when you should post.

To access your Audience insights:

  1. On your Business profile, tap “View Professional Dashboard
  2. Under the chart, tap “See All Insights
  3. Scroll to the “Your Audience” section, and tap See All
  4. The Audience Insights page should be presented

Understanding Audience insights

Top Locations

This gives a you breakdown of where your followers are geographically located, helping you to understand the timezones that they belong to influence the time to post.

Age Range

This gives a you a view of the age groups of your followers to understand what your audiences priorities and focus for content.

Most Active Times

This is the golden piece of the puzzle! This will tell you at what times on what day that most of your followers are active. As per the chart, you can see here that the 6am – 9am window on a Thursday is optimal where most of the followers are active.

Calculating your ideal time windows

Using the data in your Most Active Times, identify the window of each day that has the most active followers and then second highest window. If there are multiple windows with the same number of followers, record them all.

This table will then help you plan when you should post on your Instagram.


Using the ideal time windows

Test the effectiveness of each of your time windows. Aim to post during each of the primary and secondary windows of each day and assess how many followers see your posts using your the Insights.

Use this data to tweak your schedule to build an ideal timetable of when you should post to maximise the exposure to your followers!

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