How to get real-time reporting for your food delivery services (UberEats, Doordash…)

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When selling your products on delivery services, there’s times when you want to know how much sales you have made for the day or how many orders you have completed to see if you need to run a promotion. Instead of looking at multiple tablets and pulling out a calculator, a centralised order collector can make it a simple task.

A common limitation seen in Uber Eats and Door dash is the inability to obtain real-time information on the sales. The dashboard can give you historical data but would be more than 24 hours delayed, with any available reporting consolidated at the order level.

Uber Eats dashboard is delayed by up to 24 hours
Doordash Dashboard showing sales data delayed by 24 hours

Deliverect – Centralising your food delivery business

A web application that we have effectively used is Deliverect (click here for our overview of the tool). One of the great benefits it provides is that it receives all your orders in realtime including the products sold, and centralises it into a single view.

It also provides the capability to drill down into the order and see the line items that are part of it.

A simple to use dashboard is also available that can give you real-time view of your sales and performance across your food delvery services.

Deliverect Dashboard for realtime information

Check out Deliverect for more information on how it can help streamline your business.

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