Easily manage your Uber Eats, Doordash and Deliveroo store in one place

by Ecommerce success

So you have your food delivery channel up and running. All the pictures are uploaded and your menus are live. Your store is open and your waiting for those orders.

Ping! Ping!

The food orders are coming in quick from all your excited customers, but suddenly you’re running around preparing orders and you realise that a certain item that a customer ordered is out of stock! You had forgot to update it on one of your platforms.

This is a common issue faced by many restuarant and shop owners, and the more popular, the higher the chance.

What are your options?

  1. Integrate each delivery platform with your own central system via API
  2. Utilise an approved aggregator for all your delivery channels

Option 1 may sound easy, but the biggest challenge will be receiving approved access to each platforms API – without this, no automation is possible.

On the other hand, Option 2 became the lifeline of the delivery business. A one-stop shop for all things admin for your delivery channel.

Deliverect to the rescue

Deliverect was the solution we found that could enable this.

  • Easily connect a range of delivery platforms to your account
  • Create and manage a single menu and push it out to all your connected platforms
  • Simply integrate it into your existing Point of Sale
  • One touch snooze to mark a product as out of stock in all channels
  • Excellent and fast support
  • Real-time reporting of orders and products

The realtime reporting was one of the valuable benefits of the platform as it allowed you to view sales and order data in realtime as opposed to waiting for the platforms to make it available in a few days.

Deliverect offer an easy to use front end and a compatible Android/IOS app allowing anyone to easily update your platforms, no matter where they are.

There is fee for the platform and is tiered pricing depending on how many orders you expect to receive in a month. A recommended approach is to connect it through SquarePOS and access the following pricing in US dollars:

The monthly fee is well worth it to help you to digitise and automate your business to the next level. It easily provides the benefits of time saving, centralised menus, increased customer satisfaction and realtime reporting.


Supported ChannelsUber Eats

See the whole list here
Supported CountriesUnited States
United Kingdom

See the whole list here
Ease of useYes
Web/browser appYes
Apple IOS appYes
Android AppYes
PricingStarting from $US69/month
Set up feeYes – one-off
Customer supportPhone, Email
What we likedManages all integrations
Centralises reporting and menu management
Available API for custom integration
Integration with POS
What we dislikedSome smaller delivery platforms may not be integrated
The web browser app can be slow at times
Unable to identify items that were not in a menu

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