Hacking the Promoted listings rate on ebay

by Ecommerce success

Okay, maybe its not a full blown hack on promoted listings on ebay – but it is a way to maximise both your marketing exposure and your profit in one swift move. This is particularly useful for those items that you are struggling to sell.

What are Promoted Listings?

Good question, Promoted listings are exactly what is it is called. You pay an additional fee for ebay to promote your listings in various marketing channels such as Facebook, Google search, Google shopping and other ad networks. You only pay this fee once someone makes a sale by clicking on one of the ads of your product.

The Promoted listings fee is based on a percentage rate you set for e.g. 5% of your sale total you are willing to pay as a promoted fee. It is conviniently calculated based on the final sale value excluding postage and taxes.

Promoted Listings cost details from eBay

This is important as the exclusion is how you can take advantage to minimise your fee, and maximise exposure.

So what’s the hack?

When you are selling an item with a promoted listing, some tips are:

  • Avoid having a free postage type listing
  • Create a new listing to replicate the promoted listing product
  • Shift some of sales revenue to your shipping cost

The last point is the gold mine:

Shift some of sales revenue to your shipping cost

By doing this, you are reducing the amount you will pay to have your item promoted, whilst ensuring you still get the same amount for the Sales revenue.

Example of shifting sales revenue

Compare the two options below – if you were to set a promoted ad rate of 8%, but was to shift $20 from your selling price to your shipping price, you would save $1.60, but still get the same total sales amount. It may seem small, but do this across multiple listings over time, and the savings add up.

This also works particularly well for low sale price items where you can drop the price to a few dollars, and increase the shipping, whilst getting some great marketing at a low cost.

What else tricks and tips on ebay have worked for you?

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