Free or Paid software for your Business

by Ecommerce success

When planning and growing a business, it’s common for nearly all decisions to affect the bottom line a.k.a financial profit. A key decision to make is if you will go with free or paid software to solve some of the key problems.

Free software is usually open-source software or one with limited features where as paid software is commercial offerings that may be a one-off fee or an ongoing recurring fee.

Lets break down the two with a comparison of the offerings:

There is no right or wrong answer, instead you need to assess the ability of the solution to meet your needs, whilst taking into account your financial position.

Always consider the following:

  • Will the software effectively solve the problem for me?
  • Is there the relevant support available or is external support easily accessible?
  • Can it scale with the growth of my business?

Keep these in mind when deciding your approach as success in the future is just as important as success now!

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